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Brain Integration Benefits

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Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy their life, which includes being able to learn, apply that learning in their life, experience positive relationships, and have the capacity to function responsibly in the community without excess stress or overwhelm. 
At Empowerlife Brain Integration, we have several decades of experience in helping individuals find their way through difficult and stressful situations. Often the problems with learning, memory, goal creation and completion, behavior, relationships, and other emotional stresses are indicators that the brain and body are not aligned with each other. Almost as if they are not on the same team, or rather, the mind is fighting itself while trying to deal with the magnitude of performance requirements that are put on individuals in our society.

We believe that a person’s journey has a purpose and meaning. We propose that instead of fixing the problem, we choose to honor every person’s path and experience. What may seem like a problem could be seen as a gift in another situation. Simply using fixing and/or masking behaviors in order to eliminate issues doesn’t work long-term and may cause other problems.

At Empowerlife Brain Integration we want the individual to come to an understanding of the value of the problem while using an integration of Eastern and Western techniques to calmly and smoothly transform inner behaviors into outward expressions of awareness, positive attention, and self-realization.

A person has a difficult time functioning in this fast paced world when the Head, the Heart, and the Body are all going in different directions. Our tools support finding the connections and movements to bring back function and joy. Our tools support the research in *Affective Neuroscience, dealing with primal emotions, the executive functions of the brain, vagal tone of the mind and body, sensory learning, etc.

At Empowerlife Brain Integration, we are Heart-Centered. All people are born with intelligence. The way to honor that innate intelligence is to support the heart of the child or adult. Supporting them in discovering the heart of the issue is a way to develop trust. Trust is one of the most important concepts needed for true healing. Trust in the therapy process, the child’s trust in their parents, the parent’s trust in the inherent gifts of the child, all are essential elements in this journey.

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