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About us


We live our lives dedicated integration and transformation.

The creators of Empowerlife Education Programs have been discovering and sharing transformational classes for over 40 years.

Meet Our Instructors

Ronald Wayman
Part of the Empowerlife Kinesiology Team, Debbie is an instructor, course creator, and mentor. She is mostly focused on the beginning or pre-requisite courses.
Debbie Luke
Tami Davis

Meet our Team

Empowerlife Kinesiology team,
helps in creating training programs for practitioners interested in working in the field of Brain Integration,
Julisa Byington
Denise Scholes
Board Member for Brain Integration Institute
Terri Harris MRC, BS, CRCC, SSW, Brain Integration Practitioner
Terri Harris
National Certified NCBTMB, LMT-SD
-22 years in Energy Balancing.
-BS in Business, Marketing, Advertising
-Finishing Doctorate in Ayurveda Medicine
Julie Monseu
Tess Barns