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Apply Here

We are excited to be accepting new applications for the upcoming session!

To start the application process simply submit the form below. Once submitted, the full application will generate. You will be asked:

  • Basic individual information.
  • Simple letter of interest.
  • Your current education level.
  • Your current level of training in this field.
  • Agreement to a code of ethics.
Apply Now for Advanced Training
Apply here to be an energy practitioner

Become an Empowerlife Practitioner.

We currently have two main programs to choose from; Brain integration, where you will become a Certified Empowerlife Brain Integration Practitioner (CEBIP) and Energy Kinesiology, where you will become a Certified Empowerlife Energy Kinisiologist (CEEK).

Also, you are welcome to submit an application in order to take elective classes. In future months we plan to launch the Empowerlife Mind-Body Life Coaching program. Stay tuned!

If you are not yet sure which program you want to apply for, you can learn more about Brain Integration here or Energy Kinesiology here. If you still have questions you can contact us through our contact page or schedule with a program advisor here. (link coming soon) We are happy to help you navigate and align with your goals.

Again, we are excited to receive your application and we look forward to having you join our growing community of Brain Integration and Kinesiology practitioners!